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Gum disease treatment - use of medications.

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Periodontal Medications

There are few medicaments available for localized delivery of medicine in the pockets. The principal is the local delivery of anti-microbial substance directly into gum pocket, where it fights the bacteria and inflammation. One thing: these drugs do not work alone, they will work good in conjunction with root planing and scaling and good oral hygiene, but it is not the substitution for any of the above in gum disease treatment

Arestin (Minocycline HCI)
- uses microsphere technology to deliver the antibiotic directly to the infected areas in your gums
-the microspheres the gradually release the antibiotic over time, allowing it to work over the course of 14 days
- throughout that time , Arestin helps Scaling and Root Planing fight the infection, allowing your gums to heal




Illustrations and description of product is a courtesy of OraPharma, INC

Atridox (Doxicyline hyclate 10%) is an antibiotic gel that is used to treat chronic adult periodontitis. ATRIDOX is applied with a syringe into the infected tooth pocket by dental professional.It contains antibiotic which is mixed in a gel. After it applied into the infected pocket it hardens upon contact with oral fluids to a wax-like substance. The antibiotic is slowly released from the hardened gel into the surrounding infected pocket for 7 days.
This information provided by Collagenex Pharmaceuticals

Actisite® periodontal fiber for periodontal pocket is another drug based on tetracycline antibiotic. It comes in a form of cord, treated with tetracycline hydrochloride. It is packed inside the pocket and left there for about 10 days.

PerioChip is thin small chip treated with chlorhexidine.  Chlorhexidine is a chemical antiseptic which proved really well as supportive agent in gum disease treatment.

Peridex is chlorhexidine mouth wash, which is very often prescribed by dentist to help in treatment in gum disease. The disaadvantage of Peridex is heavy stains on the teeth.

As we discussed before the high levels of bacteria initiate the release of tissue-destroying enzymes. These enzymes start the destructive process which results in deeper pockets and bone loss. Even after Scaling and root planing removed most of the bacteria, your body may still release these tissue-destroying enzymes and continue the cycle of periodontitis. Periostat is the medication which will reduce the production of these enzymes by your body.
Periostat is the low dose Doxycycline- antibiotic of Tetracycline group. In the lower dose it works not as antiflammatory drug, but rather as enzyme inhibitor. The treatment course with periostat is the long term commitment and can last from 3 month and longer